The idea behind Surround Light is straightforward: approximate the daylight situation as closely as possible with a light source, because it makes us feel better and we perform better. Standard luminaires shine their light from above, which means they imitate an evening and night situation, which is counterproductive during the day.


Natural daylight is indirect, reflects everywhere and comes from all sides. The Loerakker LED line luminaires uses the natural reflection of the walls and ceiling and simulates the perfect daylight situation. Without direct sight of the light source, every room has a bright atmosphere.


  • Working, spending time and learning in a daylight situation is better suited to our circadian rhythm: we feel fitter.
  • When you feel more fit, you work better; a reduced absence due to sickness.
  • Work is much more comfortable without unpleasant reflections on the computerscreens.
  • Less contrast and fewer shadow effects is less tiring for our eyes.
  • Optimum light yield at minimum costs: LEDs consume little energy and with Surround Light you obtain maximum benefit from the available reflection of walls and ceilings.
  • The Loerakker LED line also offers optional dynamic light: a programmed light pattern that simulates the natural day and night rhythm. Ideal for people who work at night or for care institutions.

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